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Whatever He Says, Do It! - Resurrection Life

“Whatever He says to you, do it.” (John 2:5b, NKJV)

The above is a raw, unedited video from our March Update, where I start by sharing how the Lord has been continually teaching me about the power and importance of simple obedience. A great recent example of learning this to a new level in my life includes God healing a little boy's heart. The other story eluded to, I hope to share more on at another point, but perhaps suffice to say for now, obedience is also very important for protection!

Right after making the video (and it'll make sense in context), I heard:

- "I'm training them to hear my voice."

- "I'll be waiting for them."

(May we wait on Him!, or in other words, be the ones saying here am I Lord.

References: Heb 11:6, James 4:8)

- and, "I will bless those who take the time to listen to Me.", or close to.

On our March Update, we also shared about a new media launch, "Glory House Media". Please note, that link will only work for a short amount of time until updated.

Resurrection Sunday (week of blog)

On Our Knees

It seems that more than ever, I am being reminded to bow down before the Lord. There is no resurrection without death. We are crucified with Christ, now alive unto God. Let's be as Paul professed, dying daily, that Christ Himself, the resurrection and the life, be the life living through us. When we humble ourselves, HE lifts us up. To better know the power of His resurrection, we must conform in the likeness of His death, "not my will, but Thy will be done", obedient even unto death of the cross, presenting our entire beings as a sacrifice holy and pleasing unto God. I pray we be vessels of worship in spirit and in truth, that which God Himself affirms as a holy sacrifice with fire. In the days of the Azusa Street Revival, God consumed the top of that warehouse with fire.

We are the tabernacle of the Holy Spirit.

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