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Tim Kirsch is partnering with the Hollywood Prayer Network to host gatherings in Hollywood to help those serving on worship teams to connect, pray together, and be encouraged in their holy callings by one another. These gatherings are open to those who follow the real Biblical Jesus as their Lord, who either regularly serve in worship ministry or perceive to be called to do so. For those who are gifted in music in other ways besides specifically leading worship, the Hollywood Prayer Network has other music-related groups available to connect with. 

Virtual Prayer Nights:
As we move into the National Day of Prayer, the Hollywood Prayer Network is hosting 21 days of prayer over Zoom. On April 20th, Stephen Bennett is leading prayer for Worship Leaders. On the 23rd, Jim Covell is leading prayer for Musicians. Tim Kirsch will be praying for the local body of Christ on the 26th. Details here

Our Next Event: June 21st
We plan to film our discussion on "a lifestyle of worship" as a resource for worship teams and those interested in serving in worship ministry. 
Details and Registration here!

Worship Ministers Gatherings

A time of encouragement, prayer and networking for those who serve in worship ministry through music.

We want to help worship teams strengthen another. 

Most nights include:
- Time of fellowship and snacks 
- Time to hear from and build up one another (1 Corinthians 14:26)
- An encouragement on the topic of worship ministry 
- Prayer together and over the group
- Holy Spirit-led ministers available to personally pray for those who would like to receive prayer.

Please click here to join the local worship ministers mailing list with the Hollywood Prayer Network.

For more about the Hollywood Prayer Network, please click here.
For more about Tim, please click here.

And these are they whom David set over the service of song in the house of the LORD,
after that the Ark had rest. - 1 Chronicles 6:31
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