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God's Faithfulness in You!

We are the redeemed! And as the redeemed, we are also made new. As new creations, God is renewing us in how to live more fully as children of God. The just shall live by faith. This is a whole new season for us to grow in learning to truly live and walk by faith, truly living through what He is saying.

My prayer for you as you watch this is that you too will grow to a new level of being a vessel of God's faithfulness. Not only will He always remain faithful to you, but you are a new vessel that God is shaping and molding to reveal His character, His power, and even the words that He is speaking!

Before you watch these videos, I encourage you to pray that the Lord would help you hear what He is saying to you! When I hear ministers teaching, often the Lord uses what they are saying to speak to me in a very personal relevant way.

This blog is the teaching portion of our monthly update. God bless you!

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