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I'll Be There

Every time we draw near to God, He draws near to us. He is always here with perfect love intended for us, but He won't make us love Him. We were redeemed to Know Him! He has made the way! How are you investing your affections? Your attention? Is it through Him? God wants to lead how you sow unto reaping according to His good pleasure for His children. When we abide in fellowship with His Spirit, we can invest well: "Thy will be done"! His will for you is wholeness; life more abundantly, in truth! When we are in fellowship with the one Who knows all, our minds are guarded and renewed in great ways unto the peace He has called you to! He is with you in the deserts and mountain tops! He is the fountain of Living Waters. He will be there when you draw near.

The following are a couple of videos that were part of our monthly update at the start of our transition from WI to CA.

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