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Tim is available as a guest minister in the Word, power of the Holy Spirit, worship leader and saxophonist. 

DSM Hollywood - Arts and Industry Bible Study (Currently Sundays 5pm)
DSM Hollywood is a branch of Dan Sherstad Ministries, for those called to various aspects of Media, and those passionate to see the Kingdom of God revealed in and through "Hollywood". Tim serves as the worship leader and associate pastor.
Visit on Instagram for details.

Warrior Notes Bible Study
Tim leads Bible studies in Monrovia CA.
This is part of the education program under Kevin Zadai. If interested in joining, please message me via the contact form. 
Please visit here for details on Kevin Zadai and Warrior Notes

Hollywood Prayer Network
Tim's wife Kelry works as the programs director. If you are local to LA and called to media, this is a great network to connect with. Tim serves the prayer chapter directors. If you are interested in praying with others for Hollywood, please visit the website to explore and pray about various ways to get involved.

Service of Song - Gatherings for Worship Ministers
Please click here for details.

Radiant Church Int (Sundays)
Led by Pastor Doug Hefley. Formerly the River's Edge Church. Tim currently serves most Sundays as the worship leader. Service at 1:30pm.
Details here.

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