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Spirit-Filled and Spirit-led: Jesus made the way for us to be a new creation that can be continually filled with the Holy Spirit. God's grace is upon me to help others grow in literally knowing and walking with God. 


Diversity: My last full-time position in WI was at a ministry considered one of the most diverse

churches in the greater Milwaukee area. This diversity is especially in ethnicity, but also in age and socioeconomic status being a church in the center of many communities. I have also served at ministries that have a predominate race present, such as African American or Roma (Gypsy). 

Teaching: I have taught as a guest speaker for worship services and Bible studies, but my best experience was leading a young adults ministry (18-39) for a couple of years, with a high focus in teaching. Please search “Kingdom Culture 2030” on youtube to hear examples. 

Volunteer Coordination: Leading worship teams since 2010, the young adult ministry (a church service), and especially Christian outreach events. Prior to ministry, I had also led various music ensembles, sections, and bands, including being the drum major (conductor) for a WI marching band (often rated 1st in state, and was in the Rose Bowl and Macy’s Parade).

Administrative Qualifications: Worked as the admin for a property preservation company, subbed as receptionist occasionally at Evangel AG Church, and have managed other operations and events. Peach Tree (Invoices), Word, Pages, Excel, Data Entry, Emailing, Phones, Audio/Visual Media Programs (recording, publishing, and presenting), Filing, Adobe Photoshop, Wix website building/editing, social media marketing

Communications: Exemplifying the integrity of an organization, building and maintaining professional relationships, and doing projects together. This has been as a coordinator for a Christian stage in a summer series event; an evangelistic musician and event coordinator; assistant on the pastoral staff at Evangel helping with outreaches, engaging with other ministries and leaders within the church; children’s ministry coordinator for a Billy Graham event; teacher at Gymboree Play and Music; private music teacher; and as an admin communicating with tenants, contractors, and businesses within a property maintenance and preservation company. In the music section, it will show that my wife and I have also worked musically with well-esteemed ministries.


Summary of Last Full-Time Position: This role was in many ways, serving as a general help to the lead

pastor, with communication, events, outreaches, and simple day-to-day needs. This role also included helping communicate and resolve needs within the ministries at the church. Since working there, the church (Sunday morning attendance generally not exceeding 250-300) operated with 4 full-time employees (the lead pastor, myself, and two in administration), and 2 part-time on the pastoral staff. Through the directive of the lead pastor at Evangel AG, I launched a ministry for ages 18-39 that grew strong in character and in the gifts of the Spirit, that included worship services, Bible studies, evangelism, and special events. My wife faithfully served the Lord with me in many capacities, including with worship and the young adults, but especially helped develop a drama ministry that is now considered an integral part of the church’s identity. The music ministry has been noted to have grown significantly in musical ability, being led by the Spirit, and in understanding and exemplification of sincerity of worship. A big influence on the ministries that I’ve been able to be a vessel for is lifting the bar, the standard, in excellence of service, with planning and organization, especially as exemplified through the dramas and outreaches. Other ways of service included subbing as a secretary, building a website, and online promotions. My heart is to serve the Lord wherever there is a need as He leads, and thereby, I get to wear many hats! The other strongest influence I’ve had at this ministry is in teaching, primarily to the young adults, but with occasional opportunities to preach on Sundays and to the youth. A big influence through teaching has been unto them understanding we are called to know Him!, and provoking them to to seek the fulness of what Jesus Christ has made a way for, which glorifies Him, as is shown in our fruit in love and in power. 

Music Ministry/Leading Worship: Please click here for details on my musical abilities and approach as a worship leader. Details of where I have regularly led worship are below.

Work History: 

Since my move to the LA area, I have served in ministry related events such as broadcasts, fundraisers, and church services. I have been working in what are mutually understood as temporary opportunities, including helping in music ministry and sound at various ministries, and purchasing work vehicles.  Please see "Upcoming Events" for more. We  are currently renting in Monrovia, but our lease now allows room for moving whenever we are ready. As music ministers, we have friends serving with us in music ministry who also moved from WI in the summer of 2017. Our move came with strong conviction that it was time to move to SoCal to serve the Lord, initially attentive to considering the move when my wife and I were asked to work at a Christian broadcast network (her for administration, and myself for a church plant and broadcast), which became evident to transition out of due to unrelenting extreme moral and legal failure. I was ordained in July of 2018 through Dan Sherstad Ministries, in cooperation with the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies.

Ministries I am currently regularly helping at: The River's Edge (listed below), Romanes Gyspy Church in Rancho Cucamonga (sound tear down and sax on Sunday nights and for special events), Beautiful Jesus - Dany Gelyana in Glendale, approximately bi-monthly (worship), Sub-Worship Leader at Pasadena IHOP for LA Revival Prayer/Worship session, Monthly services with Dan Sherstad Ministries.

January 2018 – Current: The River's Edge Church (Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Foursquare): Worship and Young Adults Pastor (Part-time)

  • This is a Spirit-led ministry in Rancho Cucamonga CA, zealous for sincere revival in the Inland Empire. I lead worship on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. I teach the young adults (18-39) on Wednesday nights.

April 2016 – Current: Dan Sherstad Ministries (Formerly Destiny Christian Center): Worship Leader

  • I was privileged to connect with this prophetic ministry in 2009, and join in the music ministry during weekly prayer and worship nights, mostly on saxophone.

  • My wife and I served on the worship team in 2015 as the ministry's main worship services were on Saturday nights. We led worship at DCC (Mukwonago, WI) from the time of Passover 2016 through the end of the year, as the ministry transitioned to international ministry as well as the broadcast “Discovering Destiny”.

  • Primarily serving with once-a-month meetings in Rancho Cucamonga and the Hollywood area

Aug 2014 – June 2017: Evangel AG (Milwaukee, WI): Director of Young Adults Ministry, Worship, & Ministry Development

  • Directing music ministry, the 20/30 ministry (Kingdom Culture 2030), along with general help as a full-time pastoral staff employee at this diverse church (, especially including organizing, directing and promoting evangelistic outreaches as well as theatre productions with my wife.

  • General help included overseeing tech, help with social media and website, communicating with ministries regarding needs and directive, event planning and implementation, phones, counsel, and other spontaneous needs. Duties especially varied when the lead pastor went on his first ever sabbatical during the summer of 2016.


May 2014 – October 2014: Gymboree Play & Music: Teacher

  • Part-time: Teaching art, play & learn, and music classes up to age 5 in a classroom setting. Hosting birthday parties; light admin; cleaning; sales. Left for full-time ministry.


July 2012 – July 2013: M&T Property Maintenance: Administrative Assistant

  • First contact point for a primarily business-to-business operation for property preservation, maintenance, and capital repairs in fast-paced environment.

  • Standard administrative duties (phone, scheduling, customer relation, tenant/client interaction, tenant/client conflict resolution , customer service); finished-service presentations (online programs, photo addendums); supplying bids, filing, invoicing, and organizing orders for field staff and outside contractors from investment property tenants/ clients (primarily Kivley Investments, Kapital Preservation, and Field Asset Services). Assist in leasing process for Kivley Investments, LLC.


2000 - Current: Music Ministry and Music Instruction: Service of Song & Music Dynamics

  • Service of Song, Greater Milwaukee - Owner: Offering Christ rooted lessons and various music services for special events, especially weddings. (Transitioned to Christ-honoring music in 2008, after writing, recording and performing secular music).

  • Teaching diversity of ages, marketing, networking, and website upkeep.

  • Music Dynamics, Wales (2007) – teaching saxophone and clarinet.

  • Assisting leadership, marketing, teaching and ministering in song at various ministries (including nursing homes, prison ministry, outreaches, various ministerial worship teams, and other special events).


Primarily Volunteer Experience:

August 2013 – April 2017: Waukesha Friday Night Live: Production Manager

  • Managing Christian Stage at a Friday night summer series (and a cafe for a season). Coordinating, communicating, promoting, and website upkeep.


August 2013 - December 2014: Spirit Word & Life Center: Pastor of the Arts

  • We came on board, mutually understood as temporarily, to this Prophetic Ministry in the midtown projects of Milwaukee on Sunday afternoons: Worship team (August 2013); Worship Leader with my wife Kelry, and Pastor of the Arts (January 2014).


Summer 2012: Image & Likeness Radio Show - 1560AM WGLB – Co Host and Media Specialist

  • Teaching on air, online media production (website, uploading broadcasts, and social media) and special event planning.


March 2011 – September 2011: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Rock the Lakes (Milwaukee Event): Children’s Committee OA and Prayer Chairperson

  • Implementing “Operation Andy”, a process of assisting local children’s pastors to train children to invite, pray for, and evangelize to others by contacting them and supplying a variety of creative ideas.

  • Represented the Children’s Committee within the Prayer Committee, organizing prayer events and leading shifts in prayer tent at main events, serving under Robert Tatum.


October 2010 - July 2013: Pipeline to Jesus Church: Worship Leader

  • Preparing, delegating, and leading congregation in worship to the Lord in song as directed by the Holy Spirit; Media: scripture/music projection, recordings, audio editing, producing CDs and welcome packets, and online publishing; Event Helps: assisting with special events, primarily family and youth oriented with teaching, planning, media, worship, and general interaction. This ministry is a gift to Milwaukee as a house of miracles in the suburbs (New Berlin, WI).


2010-2013: Poplar Creek Church: Various

  • Twenty30 worship team member, occasionally leading worship in absence of leader; Posted online ads to invite visitors to service; Assisted with youth worship team; Occasionally leading Bible studies; Preparing and serving Alterra products as a barista.


Other Experience Prior to 2009:

Happy Handyman: Apprentice; Soul Bizz Entertainment: Intern; Kohl’s Foods Waukesha: Cashier


Institutional Education:

District School of Ministry - Assemblies of God Affiliated (First Level of Three Completed)

Carroll College, Music Business (Studied Major in Music, Minor in Business, Minor in Religion) 

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