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Recording available for family-friendly and Christ-honoring music.

This page is a resource for a network of Christian musicians to present in response to inquiries.

Common Rate:

A common rate for a session with a session musician is $300+, which is not presenting a recognizable sound implying they are the musician. Rates generally vary with variables such as if it will exceed 3 hours, distance to studio, prep time, and original creativity (which often brings the session into another category). Most studio musicians will charge slightly more for more time since their day is in essence already booked. People generally want session musicians to be told what to do, but without featuring their unique sound or their name in credits (which may draw more financial gain to the song). For example, with a saxophone, this category is relevant for being part of a horn section, or playing recycled motif. Some prefer not to be in this category as their joy and calling music is participating with God's holy inspiration, not being a sound for a written part. There are many musicians who don't mind or even prefer to be given parts to play and record. A suggested rate is $300 for up to 3 hours of studio work within an hour driving distance or $300 for 5 hours of time from the musician's studio. Generally, the more you pay for, the more quality you get. Both generally including up to 2 hours of communication and private prep time.

Featured Artist:

A featured artist is a secondary performer on the track. As a featured artist on a song, the current rate is generally $600 up front, which includes studying the song to make personal music choices to fit the song, and a session of recording that may exceed 3 hours if the artist agrees, especially to provide content the artist is satisfied with. In addition to the $600, we would work out an agreement with the label of a percentage of the sound in royalties and if the name is to be listed. The percentage would relate to the time featured and creative input.



For contact info of other musicians, please click here (to be updated beyond those who are also teachers).


I began recording and performing in 2000 in a diversity of genres, and have recorded on the following albums since truly receiving God's salvation at the end of 2008:

Gene Schmidt: Stand With God 2017 (Alto sax on "Next to Me", feat. Phil Keaggy). Video below.

- Paul Trinko (vocals)

- Jeanette Crosswait: Thy Kingdom Come (Flute and alto sax. Note: there is a different tenor saxophonist on the album)

- And various live recordings/videos/broadcasts with worship teams/bands/shows, including: TBN (Mayville/Milwaukee WWRS), Discovering Destiny (satellite, as well as other broadcasts on that network), Pipeline to Jesus New Berlin WI (broadcasted on local public television), NHz Image (live spontaneous prophetic worship), and GGCC (Roma Gypsy) ministries (2018: Alto sax, tenor sax, flute, keys, Irish tin whistle; details and samples to come).

This is an example of coming into the studio to improvise on the spot as a featured voice through the song. 

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