Recording available for family-friendly and Christ-honoring music, in line with good conscience of the musician. Rates with Tim are generally $60/hr plus agreed upon royalty percentages and travel fees. There is room for negotiation with becoming familiar with songs before coming in. I will also offer discounted rates for longer times.


For contact info of other musicians, please click here (to be updated beyond those who are also teachers).


I, Timothy, began recording and performing in 2000 in a diversity of genres, and have recorded on the following albums since truly receiving God's salvation at the end of 2008:

Gene Schmidt: Stand With God 2017 (Alto sax on "Next to Me", feat. Phil Keaggy). Video below.

- Paul Trinko (vocals)

- Jeanette Crosswait: Thy Kingdom Come (Flute and alto sax. Note: there is a different tenor saxophonist on the album)

- And various live recordings/videos/broadcasts with worship teams/bands/shows, including: TBN (Mayville/Milwaukee WWRS), Discovering Destiny (satellite, as well as other broadcasts on that network), Pipeline to Jesus New Berlin WI (broadcasted on local public television), NHz Image (live spontaneous prophetic worship), and GGCC (Roma Gypsy) ministries (2018: Alto sax, tenor sax, flute, keys, Irish tin whistle; details and samples to come).