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Large Ministry Center Idea

The heart of this is to be creatively effective in engaging with people unto salvation and discipleship, as well as generally helping build up the body of Christ, while also being entirely true to the heart and leading of God for building up the body to worship in Spirit and in truth, abiding in the beauty of His holiness.


I share this in part because the following notes contain ideas that I don’t think are necessary of themselves unless it’s ordained of God, but represent the heart of the goal mixed with faith that God can and does provide for anything according to His good pleasure.


I do not know if this would be on a lake, beach, downtown area, or what, but the goal would be to be amongst the people.


This is meant to be a place that people can always receive, around the clock.



Waterfront Property (or in appealing area for tourism and locals): It’s attractive for drawing people in general, and makes it also attractive for special events and as a special getaway for time with the Lord. The premises would not only be waterfront property, but also in an area that feels safe for a diversity of people, and in an area that is very socially engaging, such as a “nicer” downtown area would be.


The grounds would also be conducive and attractive for the congregation to fellowship in general together. Young saved people especially appreciate having a space to socialize or even study that is blessed. More details to follow.


A public display with the schedule for the week easily seen, perhaps a digital billboard.


Hotel: As a “premiere” yet holy place, we would host national and international musicians and ministers in general. This would provide a nice and relevant space for them, and also a nice space for people who would come in for special events, and for those who want a special separated time with the Lord, like as a holy getaway for a special encounter with the Lord. It may be open in general as well. 


Stores/Businesses: The seemingly more secular businesses would be amongst the closest to the street. This would mean at minimum a cafe/library sort of place as an opportunity for the body of Christ to engage with seekers. Some “businesses” could be directly ministry related such as helping people in physical and emotional need. Other businesses could be more secular at face value, but entirely purposeful in representing the Lord, such as a spa, fitting well to a hotel, downtown/social area, but with massage therapists that are not participating with darkness, using worship music unto the Lord. Another idea is something that connects the children like interactive teaching classes, that can use music and art. There could be a facility for fitness that hotel guests get free access to, with upbeat Christian music. Some of these could also have exclusive discounts/access to ministry members.


A cafe may include a library unto study space with a small requirement of purchase for staying. It will also have space for a stage for evangelistic use, such as poetry, art, and music ministry (with wisdom to engage with people with how music is used, and also incorporate worship as the Lord leads. Most of all, it will be protected for music ministry that the Lord has anointed). If there is not a book store or store of relevant category, this cafe could include: books, anointing oil, CDs, and art, promoting it as an artsy/music/speciality spot. The food options would provide for more honorable choices for our bodies, especially if there is not a separate restaurant.


Those who work or volunteer would also have special perks as a thank you, and to help facilitate a personal sense of community, responsibility, and accountability.

Evangelistic/Fellowship Auditorium Area

  • Used for movies, broadcasts, guarded rental space, outreach events, other ministries hosting something (like an organization that fights human trafficking or a college), teachings, etc… (perhaps connected to the cafe with a curtain/wall that can be removed, or perhaps very close to the cafe in case people are curious unto receiving ministry in a not so conventional way)

      • The leader of the church ministry may be being broadcasted on television or radio and want that broadcasted, or may want another ministry they respect broadcasted (of course with permissions as relevant).
        • This will help facilitate a Christ-honoring space for people to keep learning.



There would also be outdoor things to help facilitate engagement and community, that could include things such as a prayer garden, trail, playground, pier, volleyball, basketball, a snack stand, and a stage.



Studio Space: For recording audio and visual



Public Prayer Space: Going at all times, often with music. 

Before entering, there is a Welcome Desk because people may come understanding this is a way to receive help, and also to help protect the prayer area. Perhaps on certain occasions the sanctuary would also be open for this.


  • When someone wants to go into the public prayer area, they fill out a sheet or such (or update one), with questions like: Do you know that you are saved? Do you believe such-and-such about Jesus? (for our sakes to know how to help them) Do you purpose to follow Jesus as your Lord?… and these questions can have an “I don’t know” option. They also sign something that acknowledges they will respect the order directed (like not teaching or laying hands on others unless approved, or like not making a racket/distraction. Our goal is to keep it set apart as holy and as for prayer, and protect others from being manipulated by others’ agendas, false doctrines, and impartations not by the Holy Spirit). Based on how they answer, they may be directed to speak to someone else (such as if they aren’t yet following Jesus, so they can hear the gospel, or if they need to be plugged in with a shelter or other ministry). We don’t want relationships with other deceiving spirits welcomed into that holy space for prayer that is only to the true God through Christ, so they must either be purposing to follow Christ, or genuinely seeking and understanding that this space is separated unto God through Christ.

  • Leader(s) is available to minister if people would like to receive prayer and/or counsel.

  • On the outside of the entrance, there could be a sign and table with sponsors listed if such ends up being appropriate to help cover costs.

  • With this, there could be other space on the property that is open at all times, such as the evangelistic space, or something that provides similar outlet. 




  • The sanctuary is intentionally separated for things that are directly worship, as a space to be understood especially as holy in reverence unto the Lord and to guard minds unto sincerity of worship and seeking God.

  • Regarding weddings and such, we will have a standard set to protect it for holy use, even if that means limiting its availability for such.

  • Given the idea for this overall, My guess is for seating 4,000+.



Other: Banquet halls, kitchen, rooms/classrooms, groups (home and/or on premises)

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