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Mall Ministry Idea

Entrance Area

1) Cafe 

    • Kept Holy

    • Perhaps books that can be read in public prayer area (like a library)

    • Not just coffee, but baked goods, art, books, teachings, anointing oil, etc for sale


​2) A Welcome Desk

    • For anything aside from the cafe

        • Checking in to volunteer

        • Sponsorship

        • Schedule an Appointment

        • Seeking Counsel

        • Sharing the gospel

        • Monthly bulletin for special events and schedule, including an evangelistic message

        • For permission into Public Prayer area

3) A Public Board with the schedule for the week easily seen, perhaps even outside the main doors.


Public Prayer Area

  • Also used for movies, broadcasts, music ministries (perhaps curtain/wall is removed so can connect if appropriate to cafe), outreach events, and other ministries hosting something (like an organization that fights human trafficking or a college).

      • The leader of the ministry may be being broadcasted on television or radio and want that broadcasted, or may want another ministry they respect broadcasted (of course with permissions as relevant).

  • When someone wants to go into the public prayer area, they fill out a sheet or such (or update one), with questions like: Do you know that you are saved? Do you believe such-and-such about Jesus? (for our sakes to know how to help them) Do you purpose to follow Jesus as your Lord?… and these questions can have an “I don’t know” option. They also sign something that acknowledges they will respect the order directed (like not teaching or laying hands on others unless approved, or like not making a racket/distraction. Our goal is to keep it set apart as holy and as for prayer, and protect others from being manipulated by others’ agendas, false doctrines, and impartations not by the Holy Spirit). Based on how they answer, they may be directed to speak to someone else (such as if they aren’t yet following Jesus, so they can hear the gospel, or if they need to be plugged in with a shelter or other ministry). We don’t want relationships with other deceiving spirits welcomed into that holy space for prayer only to the true God through Christ, so they must either be purposing the follow Christ, or genuinely seeking and understanding that this space is separated unto God through Christ.

  • Leader(s) is available to minister if people would like to receive prayer and/or counsel, whether in the prayer area, or a separate area.

  • On the outside of the entrance, there could be a sign and table with sponsors listed.




  • This is beyond the wall/curtain that separates the sanctuary from the public prayer area. The curtain/wall can stay up for needs of meetings and interpersonal ministry, or for multi-lingual ministries that rent the space, or are a different language ministry within the church. It can also be used for ministries and events in general within the church, such as youth or a prayer/worship event. The wall/curtain can be removed (as well as the one separating the cafe from the prayer area), depending on how much space is needed, and how readily the church wants to be able to engage with the public.

  • The sanctuary is intentionally separated for things that are directly worship, as a space to be understood as holy in reverence unto the Lord.

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