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Let's ask that we may receive, sowing in prayer into the future.

Some thoughts to start:

Governmental leaders in the USA are (in theory) voted into position. There has been an agreement from the community to have them as a steward. People in charge, especially as a result of agreement, have legal authority spiritually (whether for the good or bad). I believe this is different from someone who forces themselves in, though there is a degree of authority as well, especially again if the public is in agreement. If he declares unrighteous laws, that for example still gives the enemy access to work. If that leader asks the Lord to lead him, there is great covering and blessing. The doors they open to the kingdom of darkness or God's kingdom have legal access in that which they are a steward over. For example, a witch may try to curse a church, but if the pastor doesn't give the demonic realm an open door, those curses can't find place. If he asked that witch to pray for his church, he gave the witch legal access to allow the demonic to have access in that ministry, though not to say God wouldn't protect His sheep. If a baby Christian asks a psychic to lay hands on them, those spirits on that psychic have legal access. If a pastor has a potty mouth, the congregation isn't bound to be deceived by the same spirit, but it is likely knocking on the door of their minds, per se. If a parent teaches integrity, the kids are sharpened against immorality. If a parent is a liar, the kids are less protected from that spirit. I'm saying this in short, and believe I could explain better with more words in conversation. This whole concept is interesting to me in regards to considering land to build within, such as for ministry or community.

Of course, God knows what He is doing, and that grace abounds where sin abounds. He sends people apostolically to set forth the right momentum. Another view (not in contradiction) however is that an upright community likely has upright governmental leaders and real churches, or at leadst God's sovereign grace to protect it. This would show that good foundations likely have been laid to sustain greater spiritual levels. 

In response to these points, have we had any prophetic words about any lands? Dreams? Consistent desires? What have other prophetic voices said? Where do we see good fruit in the land where the population is more likely to fight for what is right? What lands will be harder to contaminate? Further from potential natural disaster? (Of course God is saving people and will take care of all who call upon Him)

Prophetic words/Direct words from God:

- Tim was directly sent to CA, but doesn't know if that relates to actually buying and building land in CA.

- "Plant churches with gardens"


- Tim had a dream (not assuming as a literal directive) of moving to Little Rock. There's the well-known city in Arkansas. There's also one close to Lancaster CA, a small town called the "fruit basket" of CA.

Consistent Desires:

- Pravin's desire regarding Jerusalem (an area certainly on God's heart). Is this also a known as a personal prophetic word? 

- Pravin's desire for land in solitude by mountains and water. Tim also has wondered about this.

Other prophetic voices:

- Sadhu Sundar said the Lord told him something along the lines of Lancaster CA being a chosen land for the end times.

Good fruit/choices in the land:

- Texas has made good stands: churches as "essential". Abortion as very restricted. Homosexual marriage illegal.

- There are websites listing details regarding abortion in other states, such as here.

- Website on homosexual marriage here. Legalized in 37 states.

Harder to contaminate/infiltrate/control:

- Not in heavily congested area of people, but God wants to help people

- Perhaps by smaller lakes

Further from national disaster:

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