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Sound System and Sound System Management available for family-friendly and Christ-honoring events, in line with good conscience of the hired help. Rates start at $250. Spanish-speaking tech available.

We currently offer professional grade sound system equipment, with services. If you would additionally like recording, media projection, DJ'ing and/or Emcee, staging, lighting, or other services in addition to basic sound supply and management, please communicate this with us to see if we can help or find help. That may also include looking for a photographer, event planner, calligraphy, musicians, etc... which we do have great contacts for.

All options require:

- $75 deposit (towards total price) prior to official booking ($50 refundable if cancelled month prior to event, or due to weather or sudden health related circumstances). Any other contracts made through our services related to this event will be subject to their own regulations. If sudden cancellation happens during the event due to an emergency, the rate will be the deposit, plus $40 (covering gas and loading/unloading time), plus $20/hr at the event for the "Basic Sound" and "Small Venue"package, not to exceed agreed rate; double for the larger packages, not to exceed agreed rate. If we must cancel due to emergency, we provide a full refund of the deposit, as well as integrity to work hard to help find a comparable replacement. 

- That the party interested in hired help first review our requirements here and here, and confirm that it lines up with our services provided.

- Prior mutual agreement on desired date, time frame, and material needed. This helps us keep the right equipment and help available, with no surprises on either end. Basic things to consider: Is sufficient power available? How many instruments and singers? How large is the room? Are there any sound regulations where the event is?

- Mutual agreement on "canned" music played not within the category of "Christian music", per general sales category of "Christian music".

- Our own sound tech with authority over use of the equipment, for safety and upkeep.

- Communication of sufficient time for set up and tear down.

Current Options Available:

- Basic Sound $150

Up to 2 Main Speakers on Poles (one may be replaces as a floor monitor), One wireless mic, One wired mic and stand, Option to plug in Cell-Phone, Up to 3 hours on site (set up, event, and tear down), Within 35 miles.  $25/each additional hour.

- Small Venue $200

Appropriate for small ensemble, and a small to mid-size room. Same as "Basic Sound" package, plus: Floor monitor, and 8 inputs for musicians (microphones, mic stands, cords and up to 3 direct boxes included). One monitor is only sufficient for a small ensemble, such as a pianist, guitarist, and a couple of vocalists. For up to 4 hours on site. $25/each additional hour.

- Medium Venue $400

Same as Small Venue, plus enough inputs for a large band, up to 3 floor monitors, and 2 Large Mains. For up to 5 hours on site. $45/each additional hour.

- Large Venue $500

Same as Medium Venue, plus 2 large subs. For up to 6 hours on site. $60/each additional hour.

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