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Booking for Ministry Events - Tim Kirsch

My heart is to minister as the Lord leads. I will prayerfully consider any ministering opportunity. 

I do not cost a certain rate for ministry. Jesus bought our ability to minister by His Spirit with His own blood. For ministry events, I first and foremost pray about the opportunity. Financially, I ask that the hosting ministry do what is fair on my end and theirs. Ministries often ask how much other ministries pay. Again, please do what is fair on your end. It is a privilege to sow by the Spirit. Ministries tend to approach it with taking up an offering guaranteeing a certain amount. Smaller ministries tend to bless with $150-400.

For sound samples, please click here. For more on my beliefs as a worship leader, doctrine and references, please click here.

In your message with interest to book me for an event, please include:

- Information about the hosting ministry/organization, and a website if possible.

- The date (or approximate), location (or approximate), and goals of the event.

- What you are interested in me doing (teaching/preaching, keyboard, sax solo (backing track), sax with a team, to host an event, worship seminar, lead worship, etc). If you would like me to bring other music ministers, please include thoughts on that. My wife and I lead worship together, and I can also bring a team.

- I require monitors with ministering in music. Please tell me if you need help with any sound system needs or if everything is covered. I may be able to help with sound system needs locally.

- Confirmation that you are in agreement with the general terms presented on the PDF document below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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