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AMEN Foundation

General concept of the foundation is to help children and youth, and further facilitate a lifelong community.

One branch is funding Christ-centered efforts to truly love, help and build up children around the world, whether as a similar model to the main hub, and/or orphanages and outreaches. This may include partnering with or helping fund other organizations.

Vision for main hub is to have a center for children and youth. It would especially be for low-income families and children in foster care, but presented in excellence to help the children be proud of what they are connected to, and help them identify with excellence. The goal would be that once you are in, you are in, regardless of financial or living situation; This helps those who join keep a sense of community, which is an important goal; that those who connect through this organization would have a life-long community available to them.

We would partner with individuals, organizations and ministries to have volunteers come in and hold classes, such as: music, dance, other arts, education, Bible studies, etc... Through donations, we could also pay for services. We would not want to rely on government funding so that we remain at liberty to incorporate discipleship.

If the kids develop a sincere personal interest in any craft, we would help them find opportunity to further develop and use their gift. For some, this may include publishing videos to inspire others through their gifts, and could be a means of financial blessing to the kids if it becomes relevant. 

It is ideal for there to be a small core of people that see this as an important calling in life, and thereby make a long-term commitment and become a trusted consistent person in the lives of the children into adulthood. This justifies payment for certain employees unto secure financial contentment, possibly including a live-in situation if we have an appropriate facility. 

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